Let me ask you…

Do you hate going to bed knowing that you won’t get to sleep for hours?

Do you dread the thought of waking up feeling worn out even before your day has begun?

Do you spend your days operating at only 50% efficiency?



How would you like ..

to have 8 hours of peaceful slumber each night, every night?

to wake up full of energy and raring to go?

to enjoy a new sparkling relationship with family and friends?



So what’s this all about? Let me explain.


My name is Nigel Cragg and in the next few minutes I will show you how you can adopt a very simple, cutting-edge 6-step procedure which I guarantee will allow you to fall asleep quickly and easily - each night, every night, naturally, without pills, potions or over-the-counter medications.

I’ll bet you know people, perhaps even in your own family, who have the amazing knack of falling asleep anywhere in just a few minutes. It can be on a bus, a bench or in their car.  You could clip them to a washing line and they’d still fall asleep. Don’t you just wish you could do that?


So did I. Let me tell you what my life was like before I discovered the secret to a good night's sleep.



The more I tried to confront these demons, the more intrusive they became and the more my ability to cope with life faltered.  It was like trying to punch my way out of a paper bag.  The harder I punched the less of an impression I made.



And of course I wasn’t sleeping. I am sure you know what that’s like.  Tossing and turning things over in your mind, mentally fighting for solutions which never come. Waking up several times a night and when you finally fall into a deep slumber, the alarm suddenly goes off and the same exhausting process starts all over again.


I really had to get a grip on this. I thought if I could just get a good night’s rest, I would feel more energised, and I could at least get some normality back into my life.



I scoured the internet, raided local book shops and libraries all in an effort to get the answer to my sleep problems. All I got was the usual ‘Don’t eat after 8 o’clock, drink a glass of red wine before going to bed, avoid all stimulants in the evening…’ etc.etc. But these solutions didn’t work in my case – I needed something stronger and more incisive. I had run out of ideas. Nothing seemed to work.



A few weeks later I was sitting at my computer and I looked across at my peacefully sleeping cat and began to wonder how come my furry friend could fall asleep so easily, yet I found it so difficult.


Over the next few days I played detective and analysed exactly what was causing my sleeplessness. I took each constituent problem and worked out specifically how to solve each one in turn using the information I had previously gathered from the internet. Job done.




Do you

Stay up late at night feeling tired but reluctant to go to bed because you can’t face another night of harrowing sleeplessness?

Take prescription drugs or other special remedies to make you sleep?

Coast through the day doing the minimum just because you feel worn out all the time?

Spend the night tossing and turning, praying for a good night’s rest?

Feel unfocussed most the time?

Find it difficult to concentrate?



Feel in charge of your life?

Have increased energy?

Know how to go to sleep anytime – day or night?

Improve your health?

Be more alert?

And look forward to each and every day?



You’re About To Learn Secrets That Most People
Will Never Know About Sleep.
I have put all of my discoveries into my Brand New Book



It’s absolutely life changing. Once you learn this rapid sleep procedure providing a sequence of steps that unlock the secret to a perfect night’s sleep you will never again have to spend hours on end staring at a ceiling praying that you will fall asleep soon.

Have you ever tried stopping your car by going straight into bottom gear from top without going through the gears or using the brakes?

No of course you haven’t.

Yet isn’t this just how we treat our minds?  We take all our problems, worries, and concerns to bed with us and then expect to turn everything off at the flick of a switch and go straight to sleep.   It just doesn’t work that way.



So - discover the One Critical Secret to Calming Your Mind that not only sets you on the path to deep, refreshing sleep, but will help you in all areas of your life – working better, accomplishing more, creating better relationships and living a more exciting and fulfilling life!

What can be more frustrating than lying there night after night, turning over in your mind the events, worries and problems of the day. Trying to decide whether you should turn on the light and read, get something to eat, or just lie there continuing with this inner turmoil?

I know there are a lot of books out there on sleep techniques. But none of them give you the simple, easy-to-follow routine outlined in my new straightforward, no-nonsense book that gets you to sleep in minutes.

pills may work for some people, but they treat only the symptoms and none of the major causes of sleeplessness.  I believe in this world of medication overuse most people prefer to seek more natural answers.

So before I put all of my findings on paper  I decided to use my daily life in work as a testing ground for my new system.

You see, I worked in a large open-plan office as an admin assistant where my duties involved visiting case-workers to help them with their workload.

I would chat to them and occasionally the conversation would get round to how stressed or tired they were. Usual story I’m afraid– overworked, tired and underpaid.

I was able to empathise with those who really had a problem of not getting to sleep at night. I would explain to them how I had overcome my own sleep problems by using some simple step-by-step techniques. I showed them everything that I had discovered and they were able to improve their sleep patterns and turn up to work thoroughly refreshed.

I knew then I was onto something. I decided to try and help as many people as I could by writing all of my secrets to a good night's sleep in my new book




We are often asked the question: Do I have stress because I don’t sleep, or do I not sleep because I have stress?   The answer is ‘yes’ to both those questions. The stress we feel and how well we sleep are interrelated.




It has been found that people who habitually sleep for 5 hours or less had 15% more ghrelin, a hormone that increases feelings of hunger, than those who slept for 8 hours or more.





Sleep deprivation severely affects the human body’s ability to metabolise glucose, which can lead to early-onset diabetes.


During deep sleep growth hormones are produced which speed up the absorption of amino acids and nutrients into your cells and aid the healing of tissues throughout your body.

Part of sleep’s positive effect lies in producing beneficial hormones. 
When you are asleep the production of growth hormones is at its peak.  Melatonin, often called the sleep hormone, is released during sleep. It inhibits tumours from growing, prevents viral infections, stimulates the immune system and enhances the quality of sleep. I don’t want to over state this but this book could save your life.


As with stress, sleep deprivation can cause depression and depression can cause lack of sleep. A vicious circle that needs to be broken. NOW.



When you sleep better you feel better. You’re more likely to perform at optimum levels and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Behaviours like exercise and healthy eating combined with a full night’s sleep will contribute to all we associate with youthfulness – your appearance, energy and attitude will ultimately all improve.





The problem is that most people don't know how to enter into an unrestrained , non-resistant state of mind and stay there even for a few minutes - let alone a whole night.  "Fast Asleep Fast" will provide you with the solution.


Fast Asleep Fast will give you clear, concise,
easy to follow step-by-step directions so that you can...


  Sleep at will, usually within five minutes or less

  Look forward to a full and peaceful night's sleep.

  Supercharge your body's energy.


No more living in reaction, no more dreading interminable restless nights.  With your new-found energy you will be able to be more creative, positive and alert.  You will have more vibrant relationships with friends and family, look healthier and feel as if you can meet any of life's challenges.



I believe that insomnia is largely the result of stresses brought upon us by the pace of modern life. We need to take control of our lives. So to this end I have added a set of mind blasting technologies that will take you to a new level in life:

Learn how to:

Create solutions for your most pressing problems

Instantly feel energised

Adopt really useful attitudes

Find courage when you need it



All this revealed and more



My step-by-step system is simple, effective and easy to use.  Once you discover this rapid sleep procedure, you'll immediately see how to get a perfect night's rest and understand why nothing has worked for you before.

If you are serious about achieving a sound night's sleep

If you are serious about having abundant energy

If you are serious about living the vibrant life that nature intended you to live




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I am so confident in the techniques I reveal in my new book I am offering you
My 100% RISK FREE Guarantee




You have everything to gain and nothing to lose - except another night's sleep.

Everything you need to make your decision is in this letter.. Should you decide not to take me up on my offer I wish you every success in life…


Best regards


P.S. Don't forget every step to having a full night's sleep is laid out in simple to follow steps. I can assure you its not complicated and is extremely easy to implement.

P.P.S. You are covered by my 100% 60 day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy you pay me nothing. So you've nothing to lose. Use these secrets properly and you will be having a healthy and natural night's sleep in no time at all.



Any questions please just email me at support@fastasleepfast.com


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